Joe Conger
Communications & PR strategist cyberjournalist

If you've ever told a story with words, video, audio, or photographs, there's nothing like watching an audience respond. Done well, you can evoke emotions, address injustices, and encourage change.


As a public relations and communications strategist, I've created and maintained social media and public relations plans, produced video and podcast vignettes to elicit donations for non-profits, published newsletters and media releases to capture internal and external audiences' attention, and designed media training courses for clients before the TV appearance.


As a former investigative broadcast journalist, my daily bread was to research and investigate people, companies, politicians, and government agencies that took advantage of others. I'm on the other side now, using public relations and marketing to bring a change in dialogue. Effective communication can make or break a company's relations with its employees and its clients


It's a worthy challenge, using the latest technology and web-based applications to make it happen...and, good 'ol fashioned writing and communication skills.

Feel free to contact me.


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